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Month: November 2012

2013 Pamphlet Series

I’m launching a new project in 2013—a series of brochures lovingly (if not quite professionally) designed and mailed to subscribers. I’ll do a new pamphlet once a month starting in January (ending in December 2013). It’s difficult to discuss the content of the brochures without ruining the surprise(s)—these aren’t short stories in anything but the loosest sense. Some of them may seem like promotions for actual goods and services, including tourist destinations, non-profits, etc. Some correspond to things I have written about in stories and the novel I’m working on. Some will come with supplemental materials (websites, photographs) and some will be distributed in and around Chicago (I plan on handing them out). Each is a formal experiment: an interrogation of pamphletness, a hybrid of fiction and marketing material, an exploration of the brochure form.

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