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Month: December 2013


Digital_humanities, by Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfeld, Todd Presner, and Jeffrey Schnapp is available as a free download from MIT Press.

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A New Review of The Exiles

“Attempting to describe the muffled terror of Matthew Kirkpatrick’s The Exiles is like trying to recount a nightmare with a sleeping tongue and hoarse voice. Reality becomes curated by the memories of the chapbook’s characters, prompting readers to experience the dissociation of their own loosely bound realities.” – Leigh Jajuga at Ampersand Review

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More Processing

Two new Processing experiments using a concordance generated from my novel-in-progress. Here and here.

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Check out this simple program I built to learn the Processing language. The program randomly displays words from a concordance of my novel-in-progress.

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