The Exiles and AWP

My novellete, The Exilesis about to be released from Ricochet Editions! Order it here.

I’ll be reading here at AWP on Thursday at 6:00 PM from The Exiles (with Anomalous Press/Les Figues/Gold Line/Tiny Hardcore/Rose Metal Press) and on Saturday at Noon at the FC2 Reading (part of the conference this year instead of offsite) with other FC2 authors.

“This small, frozen, frightening world, this gapped, intense, ferocious world, this world of tremors, of shiverings, of longings stripped bare and desires reclothed, this world of muted visions and vivid nightmares, of terrible tenderness, this world of exile, The Exiles, by Matthew Kirkpatrick, this strange and powerful work, this world.”

–Laird Hunt

Cover painting by Bill Dunlap (see interview below!)