New Media

Some Experiments with Processing:
Experiment 1.
Experiment 2.
Experiment 3.

The Silent Numbers
The Silent Numbers combines audio collage with original text and text appropriated from an e-mail group devoted to recording and transcribing numbers stations. Numbers stations are shortwave radio broadcasts of human and machine-read numbers and letters probably used in espionage to communicate with field agents. The audio for The Silent Numbers was built with Garage Band using audio recordings of numbers stations. The visual portion of the text was built using PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

A Moment Ago
A Moment Ago experiments with the possibilities of the Internet as a network by randomly selecting text from approximately 100 Internet news feeds collected in real time. Users interact with the piece by moving the mouse over areas of text which causes other text areas to reload from new, randomly selected news feeds. Because A Moment Ago retrieves data from web feeds in real time, it can sometimes take a minute for it to load. A Moment Ago was built using PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.