I’m an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University, where I teach classes on writing fiction and new media, hybrid, and innovative writing.

CRTW 524: Collage Prose

“…the principle of collage is one of the central principles of art in this century and it seems also to me to be one of the central principles of literature.” (Donald Barthelme)

We will explore the history of collage in 20th century visual art as well as its evolving use as a technique in creative prose. We’ll read various examples of texts that employ some variation of collage, including (see below) as well as New Media and hybrid texts. You’ll work on their own long prose projects incorporating techniques discussed in class.

Questions we’ll ask (and explore, and expand upon): what is collage? Why was collage so relevant to Modernism, and is it still relevant today? Is collage still a contemporary practice? We’ll explore collage in the “expanded field,” including the “readymade,” appropriation, modular prose, audio collage, new media, etc.

Core Texts:
Collage Culture – David Banah
Une Semaine De Bonte: Surrealistic Novel in Collage – Max Ernst
Soft Machine – William Burroughs
Mumbo Jumbo – Ishmael Reed
The Atrocity Exhibition – JG Ballard
This is Not a Novel, & Other Novels – David Markson
Brutt, or the Sighing Gardens – Friederike Mayrocker
The Lover – Marguerite Duras
Book of Portraiture – Steve Tomasula
Bluets – Maggie Nelson