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Light without Heat (FC2, March 2012).
The Exiles (chapbook) (Ricochet Editions, March 2013).

Some recent writing:
Gentle Hands Will Save You at The Collagist.
The Floating McDonalds at the Believer Logger.
The Work Marriage in Denver Quarterly 47.4.
A Small Adult World at Five Chapters.
Franklin Pierce at Melville House.
The Glass Casket at Sundog Lit.

Some things you can read by me online:
Fragments of a Pennsylvania, From a Larger Region
Bexley, Pennsylvania
Artifact One
The Most Amazing Attic
The Saddening
Light Without

Some magazines in which my writing has appeared:
Unsaid, Gargoyle, Redivider, Copper Nickel, The Notre Dame Review, Pank, Hobart

Some reviews of The Exiles
The Collagist
HTML Giant

Some reviews of Light without Heat:
Drunken Boat
American Book Review
The Collagist
The Oxford American
HTML Giant
Necessary Fiction