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I have a new novel forthcoming from Texas Review Press in spring 2025. Details soon!

Praise for The Ambrose J. and Vivian T. Seagrave Museum of 20th Century American Art:
“A novel of ideas whose appeal goes far beyond its target audience–be it literary readers skeptical of yet another postmodern yarn or art-world enthusiasts jaded about its ivory-tower state of affairs.” – Kirkus.

“This novel is the Pale Fire of paintings…” – Heavy Feather Review

Sudden Silence Followed by Mild Applause in XRAY
One of the Good Ones in The Rupture
Field of View, a short story in HAD.
The Drib, a short story in Tammy 10.
Diligent People, a short story in Juked.
A section of my novel in DREGINALD.
A section of a different novel manuscript in the Conium Review.
My essay, Beautiful and Splendid in The Common.
Service Area at the Rumpus
The Silent Numbers in the Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3

Selections from the Seagrave Museum @ Acre Books

Selections from the Seagrave Museum is a collaboration between Acre Books and DAAP Galleries, based on Matthew Kirkpatrick’s The Ambrose J. and Vivian T. Seagrave Museum of 20th Century American Art, a “playful and compelling” (Kirkus) literary novel told through the fictitious labels accompanying the imaginary artworks in an invented museum. For the exhibition, ran in the Reed Gallery on UC’s campus, real artists were assigned labels describing (or failing to describe) the fabricated works of fictional artists on display in the legendarily odd Seagrave Museum in the book, whose curator is haunted by the ghost of one of the artists. Alongside the works of participating artists from across the globe were the labels from the novel, which gradually unravel the tragedies and mysteries of the museum’s founding family. Selections from the Seagrave Museum is a cross-disciplinary show of great reach and range: complex, surprising, and transporting.

Selections from the Seagrave Museum: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Some photos and coverage of the exhibit in Cincinnati’s City Beat.

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